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Beijing Gas & Aero Power, Ltd is a fast growing startup company in area of clean energy. It was founded by a group of international technical and marketing experts with background in Power Generation, such as Gas Turbine Combined Cycle power industry, Hydrogen Energy, Energy Storage, etc. These experts possess averagely more than 20 years of technical and marketing experiences in these areas. Currently, the company has multiple shareholders from cross-function world, including China state-owned Clean Energy Companies, China local services execution teams, Global manufacturers and Global services companies.  We hope to help local customers and oversea companies in the following scopes:

    Bring the advanced oversea products and services into China market and help oversea companies to grow in China

    Collaborating global resources to ensure local customers and oversea companies to possess more choices of services solutions and to receive fast and high-quality China local services

    Providing comprehensive solutions to local and oversea companies to help them fulfill project execution in China

We are committed to provide the best services in parts supply, technical modification and upgrade solutions, operation and maintenance, China local manufacture and supply chains in areas of gas turbine, hydrogen energy, energy storage, etc.

Contact number: (86) 13141304858, 17702156829 Contact address: Floor 10, Building B, Tsinghua Science Park Innovation Building, Haidian District, Beijing
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Beijing Gas & Aero Power, Ltd.

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